Enabling disruptive business models through Digital Transformation.

Progressive organizations are leveraging digital technologies to disrupt business models, re-design customer experiences and transform business processes. At InnoTx we enable, enhance and create tangible, measurable and experiential engagements with our expertise and experience in advanced technologies that help organizations across industries and sectors transition effortlessly and seamlessly.


Big Data Analytics fueled by AI can power marketing and operations in the Insurance industry towards a contemporary digital paradigm

With the insurance industry witnessing new disruptive business models owing to changes in customer behavior and newer technology adoptions, identifying and addressing key business issues using traditional IT solutions is the biggest challenge for Insurance companies. Hence the need for adopting technology solutions that would provide meaningful data points to enable faster and better decision making process.
InnoTx offers Artificial Intelligence driven custom built solutions for the Insurance industry on Customer Retention, Compliance Management and Cross Selling Campaign design to provide a significant advantage to itself and its customers. Innotx provides a comprehensive suite of services and solutions ranging from Cloud orchestration, Big Data Analytics geared specifically to Insurance and more.

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Banks are looking to enable omni-channel customer engagement. A robust mobile banking channel is becoming a must-have.

Branch automation with the introduction of self-service kiosks and interactive displays is gaining momentum. Most organizations are deploying intelligent virtual assistants or “chatbots” on their websites to automate customer engagement and improve experience. Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) mandates are driving increasing usage of advanced analytics solutions and security remains a top concern for financial services organizations.
InnoTx solutions enable banks and financial services organizations develop next generation customer engagement digital platforms using intelligent automation based on latest technologies such as cognitive and AI systems, providing significant competitive advantage.

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Transforming in-store experiences by leveraging new technologies such as interactive displays, in-store wireless technologies, smart device-enabled shop assistants, etc.

Many businesses are looking to expand their online presence and building a supply chain process for ecommerce. Businesses are also striving to deal with the ever-increasing volume and variety of customer data. Extracting customer insights from this deluge of data is a huge challenge. The use of advanced analytics technologies is becoming essential.
InnoTx solutions enable retail, hospitality and consumer goods enhance customer engagement, and augment omni-channel presence while achieving significant efficiencies and cost savings at the back end. Based on latest technologies such as cognitive and AI systems, next generation applications, and efficient infrastructure solutions, based on an easy to use and robust cloud foundation, InnoTx solutions provide organizations a cost effective path to compete in the digital economy.

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Utilities companies are transforming their operations, and redesigning customer engagement

With the increasing deployment of smart grids and increasing use of smart sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), Utilities service providers are in need of technology assistance in managing their data efficiently. InnoTx solutions help utilities redesign customer experiences leveraging latest technologies such as AI driven Big Data Anlaytics, next generation applications, and cost efficient infrastructure.

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Governments are deploying disruptive technologies to transform citizen services. E-Government initiatives are now evolving into m-government and omni-channel citizen engagement programs.

Creating a seamless citizen experience is now the key objective. Disruptive technologies such as Robotics, Aartificial Intelligence systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain are increasingly being deployed by governments to enable this transformation.
InnoTx solutions help government and public sector organizations transform citizen, resident and tourist engagement and enhance experiences. Our solutions bring together latest technologies such as cognitive and AI systems, next generation applications, and cost efficient infrastructure to support digital transformation.

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