Business intelligence from data analysis to automation, helping businesses derive actionable benefits.

There is no dearth of data. New things, devices and applications are creating a deluge of data but organizations that can extract insights efficiently will thrive. At InnoTx we understand that Artificial Intelligence driven automation will be the differentiator in providing value for customer and employee engagement at scale.


 InnoTx provides a broad and comprehensive suite of services including Big Data Advisory, Big Data Implementation, Call Center optimization and Resource augmentation. Our services extend across several industries including Insurance, Banking & Finance, Retail and Pharma & Health.


Cloud and innovation are like conjoined twins. Cloud is important for innovations at scale and enterprises will of course have their own, unique approach to Cloud. The type and mix of cloud for various workloads – on-premise, private or public cloud or even hybrid – will be different.
At InnoTx we have enabled businesses with cloud orchestration and migration, creating an agile IT that enables innovation.


Our augmentation services are designed to provide you complementing and supplemental support you require whether it is for new or additional initiatives or to meet a certain project deadline. With our in-house capabilities on Staffing, software development and the COE in Mumbai, we are fully geared to meet your requirement at a very short notice.