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Cloud and innovation are like conjoined twins. Cloud is important for innovations at scale and enterprises will of course have their own, unique approach to Cloud. The type and mix of cloud for various workloads – on-premise, private or public cloud or even hybrid – will be different.
At InnoTx we have enabled businesses with cloud orchestration and migration, creating an agile IT that enables innovation.

​cloud Orchestration

The A-Z of comprehensive and complete cloud solutions.

Innotx provides enterprises a comprehensive and complete cloud solution for private and public clouds (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Cloudstack). We help
manage and orchestrate a multi-hypervisor, multi-tenant, high-availability Cloud Infrastructure as a Service including automated creation, provisioning and configuration of IaaS components (such as virtual servers). Our capability extends to converting an existing virtual infrastructure into a cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, greatly reducing time and cost for building an in-house multi-tenant platform, besides deploying for different cloud models, and being flexible enough to run simultaneously on all cloud types.

Cloud Orchestration - Platform Overview

Manage and orchestrate both public and private cloud solutions using Innotx’s Cloud Management Platform.

Hosting & Managed Service Provider - Case Study

Read how Telcos, MSPs and Universities have benefitted from Cloud deployment, automation and “Zero touch” management using CloudController CMP.