While data is kingmaker, businesses need the capabilities to mine, analyse and develop business intelligence through data.

InnoTx provides a broad and comprehensive suite of services including Big Data Advisory, Big Data Implementation, Call Center optimization and Resource augmentation. Our services extend across several industries including Insurance, Banking & Finance, Retail and Pharma & Health.

Big Data Analytics Services

Benefit from the complete suite of Big Data Analytics from Advisory to Implementation and Optimisation as well as Resource Augmentation.

Big Data Advisory

Innotx helps you assess and and create a strategy for Big Data with expert data scientists.

Big Data Implementation

Innotx helps organizations create an Analytics ready environment with a single, unified data management framework.

Call Center Optimisation

Plan and optimize your call center for better capacity planning, conversions or even skill level classification.


Customer Retention

AI-driven analytics suite helped a leading general insurance company increase its customer retention by 3.5%

Cross Sell Campaign

A large private insurance company with 24,000 intermediaries and 120 branches targeted existing customers with an impactful cross-sell campaign.

Claims Analytics

AI-powered Big Data analytics a leading insurance company streamlined its claims service and improved its overall efficiency.


Risk-based supervision

A leading private bank dealing with 7 billion + transactions integrated its structured and unstructured data on a Virtual Machine environment to achieve high performance.

Payments & Transaction Intelligence

A nodal payments services provider servicing several large banks used NLP and Big Data to automate their entire reporting process.

Income Monitoring & Alert System

Innotx helped a leading financial intermediary increased their volume of transactions and activated dormant and low activity customers with dashboards and real-time reporting.