The march of technology is relentless. But technology by itself is nothing. Business outcomes are all that matter. This intersection of technology disruption and business innovation needs expert advice.
InnoTx is your digital innovation partner.We help you translate your digital vision, and transform your business into a digital business.


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Insurance Analytics Suite

Customer sentiment analysis using AI-powered predictive models across different data sets requires the use of smart and intelligent analytics platform specially developed for insurance service providers. At InnoTx our Insurance Analytics Suite provides actionable insights, conversion and profitability making it a must-have solution for all General Insurance providers and Intermediaries.

Digital Distribution

InnoTx offers a unique proposition to Insurance service providers and brokers to improve revenue and initiate digital transformation through our Digital Distribution services. This insights driven service helps companies in Predicting customer buying propensity for multiple products through cross sell campaigns from existing database. It also helps to improve on data collection, process automation, reporting, and monetization.


Enabling disruptive business models through Digital Transformation

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